There are probably a lot of posts out there which describe how to set up your own video streaming server with owncast. So why should I add another? Because sometimes you find open source projects which work at once out-of-the-box that you want to cheer. And that was the case with

I do not really have a lot to stream. But once my daughter had a handball match to which my wife was not able to come along. And I thought it would be nice if she could watch the game live at home.

And I just did not want to use one of the large companies like twitch or youtube.

I first tested it locally using a docker container as described in

As a broadcasting app on my android I used Larix Broadcaster version 1.1.33. This was the first one listed in the playstore for me and I am sufficiently satisfied with it.

All this worked out-of-the-box at home in my private network.

The next step was to make it available from outside my home.

I already run a virtual server (which serves this page) and which is able to run docker.
Starting the docker container the same way as at home worked again without a hassle.

So, I am looking forward to the next match to try it out.